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Function :
Technical development is the foundation or paradigm for all technical departments in the government. The Department of Health has identified six key functions as principles for action.

  1. Surveillance
    In order to monitor the situation to identify obstacles to implementation, and then to identify solutions through knowledge management, technology or other approaches that can be developed.
  2. Monitoring and Evaluation
    In order to clearly illuminate whether the knowledge, technology or other methods used for to solve problems, and the management of those resources, is cost-effective, and to what extent. The data from this activity must describe the health status of the population and whether the population is living in a satisfactory environment.
  3. Research and Development
    In order to expand or roll out tested methods of implementation that have a high probability of success. If the evaluation data show that implementation of certain approaches do not properly address the real needs, or if there is no improvement in the key indicators, or if new problems arise that require application of technical knowledge, technology, or a more appropriate strategy, then applied research can be employed to help define what the optimal approach might be.
    "Surveillance, evaluation, research and development are the investment capital; and these are the responsibility and honor of the technical departments”
  4. Support for Service Providers
    This element involves the dissemination of essential knowledge, technology, standards, laws and/or development models to help the implementers and service providers deliver health promotion and environmental sanitation services to the population and communities in need. This effort applies not only to providers under the Ministry of Public Health, but also includes other partners in the government, private and civil society sectors (e.g., teachers, local administrative officers, health volunteers, community groups, etc.)
  5. Consumer Protection
    In order to enable the service provider to provide quality services that are clearly addressing real needs as evidenced by the surveillance and evaluation data. These data and information are transferred to the community in such a way that builds local capacity to monitor its own health status.
  6. Building Alliances with the Donors
    In order to promote healthy populations.

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